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A diverse board and an inclusive boardroom are critical to the long-term success of every organization.

Our Commitment

A Focus on Systemic Change

For more than 40 years, NACD has served as the authority on boardroom education and has worked—together with its members—to elevate board performance. Integral to that mission is the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the boardroom and within the organizations our directors serve. Over the last 18 months, we have looked internally, as well as to the broader external ecosystem, to identify opportunities to further diversify America’s boardrooms and to create more inclusive boardroom environments. We recognize that to see real progress, we all must commit to greater action.

We believe that NACD, its members, and partners have a unique opportunity to bring together their expertise, resources, and influence to create systemic change that will shape the American boardroom. The NACD Center for Inclusive Governance™ (the Center) is based on a shared understanding that a diverse and inclusive board is critical to long-term value creation for every organization and to society more broadly.

Goals of the Center

As part of our efforts to diversify boardrooms, we launched the NACD Accelerate™ program in late 2020. This program identifies, educates, and provides exposure to a diverse group of tomorrow’s directors. We are starting earlier to prepare potential board members and to ensure that highly qualified candidates are equitably considered for board seats.

Learn more about NACD’s initiatives to diversify director candidates.

NACD thought leadership, events, and credentialing help directors to understand their role in diversifying the boardroom and in creating an environment that embraces equity and welcomes new perspectives. Our channels also provide a platform to strengthen the voice and reach of underrepresented communities.

Explore opportunities to educate your board on DE&I topics.

NACD’s position in the governance space allows us to convene members, regulators, corporations, and other partners to execute our commitment to boardroom diversity. We know the greatest change comes when we unite with others.

Learn more about the Center’s DE&I Advisory Council.

NACD Partners in DE&I

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